Operation Patterns Bandages

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When an owie gets them down, an illustrated bandage inspired from the classic board game "Operation" will cheer them right up! Stock up on special bandages to help distract and comfort kids after owies, blood draws, shots or immunizations. Stat Strip® wrapper design makes it fast, easy and hygienic to open and apply the bandage strip to skin.

100 Latex Free, Stat Strip bandages per unit.
Strip size: 3" x 3/4"

Box and bandage designs may vary from photo.

Caution: Packaging of some bandages may contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Character Bandages are a great way to help kids feel at ease! 

• Perfect for little emergencies anywhere - Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, Daycares, First Aid Offices, School Nurses, even at home 
• A quick way to gain a child's trust and turn tears into smiles 
• The best selection of popular characters for girls and boys 
• A variety of designs for all ages

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